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Thinstation NP-N130




launch a meeting, office, call center, training center, factory, school
 coffee, government, library etc.




 Installing Green Computers is very simple.
Just replace your existing CPU with our Green Computers, and connect all our green
 computers to a standard network Switch. Connect switch to Host Computer.
 Now your green Computer is ready to work like Traditional Computer with Low Power.
 and Start Saving Money.

NP-N130 is independent terminal, Outward appearance is finer
and the performance is more superiorThe Advantage of NP-N130
Saving Cost:
It can save 80% hardware cost equivalent to buy Pentium 4 or the same performance
it can expand your original host computer for home, office users more easily.
No Maintenance:
Just only need to maintain and update the host. No need hardware maintenance
but need update the service software of the host
Simultaneously Operating with Windows:
Host and NP-N130 can simultaneously and independently operate the same programme
but need net license.
NP-N130 can operate the progamme of the host: browse the web, mail, office software
most of the games (except for the 3D games and older programme).
Dexterous Design:
Small cubage saves more working room.
Low consumption.Ultra static sound operation:
Protecting the working environment, meanwhile saving the 98% power cost.
Long-distance Access and Control:
NP-N130 applies to the TCP/IP of Ethernet, so it is available to access to the host in
 home or office
(but need some certain band width and public net IP address): and you can control
and access to the stations by host.
Easy Installation
Only needs to install service software on the host, then connect the host
to the NP-N130 by mesh wire, no needs the installation software
on the terminal, neither other devices.
Support Resolution
640*480,800*600,1024*768,1280*1024, 16bit color dept

Why select the THIN STATION N130?
 1. Cut Thinstation costs by 70%
 2. Easy to set up, maintain and support
 3. Connect to a monitor with included bracket.
 4. Eco-friendly running at 5 watt per added user

The THINSTATIO-N130 is ideal for:

      5 Schools and universities
      6 Business and office applications
      7 Internet and email
      8 Manufacture

How can i save my money using Green Computers?
Money Saving Way 1:
Green Computer Consumes only 5W of Power.
So you can save Huge Money in every month Electricity Bill.
Money Saving Way 2:
Our Green Computers does not have Hard Disk, No need to install any application or
Operating systems in our green computers,
Once if you Install application in server. It can be accessed from all green computers
like Individual Computers.
At a time one can run same application on all , Green Computers.
Green Computer Just work like ordinary Computer
No Need to pay any money to Computer Service provider for
Annual Maintenance Cost.If you maintain
server Its highly enough. Our Smart Green Computers Configure Automatically.
Every Month You can Save Huge Money on Annual Maintenance Cost.
Money Saving Way 3:
No need upgrade green computers in total life time.
If you like to enjoy latest processor speed just change Host Computer to Latest Processor,
Now in all green Computers you can enjoy Latest computing speeds.
No need to Buy new computers for life Time. You can Save Huge money for life Time.
How to Install this Green Computer to my existing office?

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