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Diamond Online Low Frequency 6KVA-60KVA»Code:1641

MODEL: Online Low Frequency 6KVA-60KVA


- low frequency design
- Advanced high speed IGBT structure
- PFC Technology
- EM/ RFI noise filters
- Self diagnostic at UPS startup
- True sine wave output


AC Input  Model SD6S SD10S SD15S SD20S SD30S SD40S SD50S SD60S
Capacity(VA) 6KVA 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 50KVA 60KVA
Operating principle Pure sine wave dual conversion on-line
Phase 3 phase L+N+G
Voltage 380v±20%
Frequency 50Hz±10%
Phase 3P4W±G
DC Rated DC voltage 360VDC
floating voltage 405VDC
Cut-off voltage 315VDC
Charging time  charge to 90% in 8 hours
AC OUTPUT Voltage single phase: 220V±1%
Frequency 50Hz±0.05%
Power factor 0.8
Wave-form Sine wave
Voltage Distortion linear load<3%, non-linear load<5%
Output voltage ±5%(Load abrupt change from 0 to 100%)
Transient response <2Ms
Crest factor 3:01

System speci


Overload protection <125%,10mins;>150%,1Min
Full load effciency >90%
Transfer time City electricity interrupted 0ms; bypass transfer time<1ms
Protection Overload, over charge and over discharge;out the range of voltage and frequency, over current, short circiut , over temperature ect.
Display LCD and LED indicator
Communication RS232 interface and SNMP card (optional)
Environment 0˷40c˚
Relative ambient 0%˷90%(Non-condensing)
Altitude <1500m; 1% rated capacity decrease against rised 100m
Surge protection 10/700Us,5KV ;8/20Us,20KV
Audible alarm Noise (dB)  
City electricity interrupted Alarm beeps one for four seconds
Battery low every second if battery low
Overload  Alarm beeps continuously



720*410*990 990*490*1200



780*470*1150 1050*550*1330



60/67.5 72.5/81.5 100/110 115/125


345/380 370/390 390/410


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