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Product Description
GSM MMS GPRS alarm system adopts the GSM/GPRS tri-brand mobile communication network and the related digital process technologies; it can be used for power station, base station, boat, finance, home, warehouse, garage, office and other important positions; the user may use mobile phone to receive the on-site images, voice and message alarms through the data transfer and voice function of GSM/GPRS tri-band mobile communication net work, it’s not limited by the time and space. Once any unexpected condition happens, the system shall send the on-site images to user’s phone and alarm center in time via GSM MMD to protect the on-site proofs, and meanwhile, the system shall send short message and call the user, and report the information to the alarm center by relay contact. The remote alarm center and user may request the alarm host to send back the on-site images via short message or calling commands. It is unnecessary for GSM MMS alarm host system to arrange wires and it has good data transfer.
Now if you have one Honghui GSM MMS Alarm System, any important place can be in your mobile clearly and quickly. No distance limited and no need wired.

GSM MMS Alarm System Main Function:
All-in-one machine with taking picture and videographying and alarming, no need any cables, so no need to worry about the wires cut and convenient to install.
The system has the memory function, so there is no need to reset when the power-off.

Monitor the site and receive on-site images(can setup to take 1-99 picture continuous) via GSM GPRS phone, CDMA phone or email at any time and place; with a Day/Night CCTV camera of high definition (48 IR lamps, 2000,000 pixel, can sense the move object). At the same time, send alarm message (display which defense area is alarm) to preset receiving number and alarm call, alarm sound about 110db, can threat the intruder and theft.

Monitor the site via GSM GPRS phone, CDMA phone or telephone at any time and place;
The system may view the on-site images (can setup 1-99 picture) through remote control (short message or calling commands);

The system can remote control the host by short message or calling commands, including arm/disarm, turn on/off electric switch, on-site alarm sound or not.
Various ways alarm, including call alarming, short message alarming and sending image alarming

The remote controller is equipped with an emergency button;
The system may be linked to the alarm center via GSM platform.

Control the host by the password (need input the password before to call or send message to host), and matched with SIM card, dual-security.
16-channel wireless defense area, can equipped with any detectors.

Standard Packag
one GSM MMS alarm built in camera,
one power adapter,
one GSM antenna,
one wireless IR detector,
one wireless magnetic door sensor,
and two remote controllers.

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