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Store Up to 3000 Finger/ID card, Read : Finger, Card , password


*Fast and accurate fingerprint algorithm

* 1:3000 fingerprint identification in 1 second       

* Stores 1500 fingerprint templates, 10000 cards and 30000 transactions


Electric Strike Lock


Concealed installation
Power-on to lock
No time-delay function
90 degrees swinging door,suitable for frameless glass doors

Electrc Magnetic Lock

Model: AL-180M

Concealed installation(small)
Power-on to lock
No residual magnetism, no mechanical damage, single door
90 degrees open for all kinds of doors with frame
Frameless doors or inswinging door doors can choose accessories

Power Supply Control

Model: 901-1

901-1 power supply
Voltage 12VDC
0-15s adjust with backup rechargeable battery(7AH)

Door Release Button

Model: ZKABK-802

Size: 86L*86W*20T(mm)
Standard Structure: Plastic panel and button
Current Rating: 10A 48VDC max
Contact Output: NC Contact
Performance testing :five hundred thousand times aging test
Suitable for:Concealing Box
Quality Guarantee:For two years (except that man-made and force majeure )
Net Weight:0.12kg
Standard packing: 176pcs/box

Electric Bolt Lock

Model: AL-100

Concealed installation
Power-on to lock, magnetic induction
Single current
Operating temperature: +20 degrees Celsius
Door status signal NC output
All kinds of doors with frame and 90/180 degree opening doors


.Fingerprint reader with durable and highly accurate ZK optical sensor
.1-touch 1-second employee recognition
.Capacity to store 2200 template and 50000 transactions


- Store up to 2500 Cards
- Electric Lock Door Sesor, Exit Button,Alarm
- Card Type EM125KHz card/tag


* ID card Capacity:30000
* Transaction Capacity:50000
* Communication:TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB-Host

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